Am I Making The Right Decision?

While many consumers can feel overwhelmed by large credit based transactions, such as mortgage closings, consumers who do not have a solid understanding of credit scores, or who do not objectively know their creditworthiness, are even more vulnerable to high-pressure tactics to accept any offer of credit, regardless of terms, and may unnecessarily be charged higher rates.

Score-Up offers you the ability to view Equifax and Transunion credit bureaus, 24/7 through a private secured website designed to help you manage and monitor your credit.

Untested Scoring Formulas

Even if all credit data regarding consumers held at credit repositories were accurate, complete, and current, there would be significant concerns about the fairness of automated credit scoring programs. Converting the complex and often conflicting information contained in credit reports into a numerical shorthand is a complex process, and requires a significant number of interpretive decisions to be made at the design level. From determining the relative influence of various credit-related behaviors, to the process used to evaluate inconsistent information, there is a great potential for variance among scoring system designs.

Score-Up's software analyzes each tradeline from Equifax and Transunion credit bureaus, to determine the differences and similarities on your credit file. Score-Up will provide you with a credit analysis, and an action plan to help manage your credit, based on the highest risk factor scoring module.

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