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See what others are saying about Score-Up!

Prior to joining Score-Up's membership last May 2012, I was rejected for a mortgage as I had no score and believed I would never get approved. Thank you for working with me and as a result my score is now 701 within 5 months. As such, I was able to approve for a low rate and will save thousands a year.

Dhanmattie M.

My finances were chaotic, and I was unable to save money for the down payment on my house. I called Score-Up, and they were able to advise methods of improving my credit score of 490 by changing my financial lifestyle. They also created a budget for me that has saved me thousands of dollars. As a result, my score is now 664, and I will continue to follow the great advice given!

James W.

Thank you Score-Up! I went from a score of 495 to 745 in less than a year and approved for a lower mortgage rate than I thought possible. We can now finally save for the kid's tuition and may even be able to go on that vacation we always wanted! The possibilities are endless!

Everett G.

Simply excellent service from start to finish and a pleasure to do business with. Your credit coach gave me practical, no nonsense advice and fantastic credit control support right from the go. Can you believe my score went from 654 to 700 in a few months?! Many thanks Score-Up and its team!

Balliram C.

My family and I have been renting for a few years and were getting ready to buy our first home when we saw items on our credit reports we didn't recognize. That's when we contacted Score-Up. Their friendly and knowledgeable credit coach guided us every step of the way and my score was raised from 618 to 710 in a matter of 5 months.

Gary W.

I want to express my gratitude for all that Score-Up and its staff have done to help me with my credit from 526 to 626 in a few months and we are still working on getting me back on track. They have been extremely professional and ethical in their approach. Their customer service is outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending Score-Up to anybody seeking help with their credit.

Dhalia K.

Score-Up's experienced coach created an actionable plan that helped me to establish my credit from a rejected score and having followed the advice, my score was raised to 714 in 8 months. I was then able to purchase a home with a fantastic rate! Thank you team Score-Up!

Zaieda B.

Excellent service! They helped me to feel at ease that there is a solution. Based on my credit coach's recommendations and advice that I followed diligently, I was able to raise my score from 668 to 715 in a matter of months. Big weight of stress lifted off my shoulders! Would definitely recommend!

Debbie P.

I am so pleased with the way that this company handled my services. Because of Score-Up, I was able to raise my score from 664 to 734. Not only do I enjoy preferred rates, I save money.

Grace C.

I thank you for all the hard work you have done....I look forward to working further with you to improve our credit and further reducing our mortgage rates!

Joyce P.

...I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for us. ...we will be able to put the stigma of consumer proposal behind us! Yay!

Ginnete D.

Thanks for very much for all your sincerely hard work and efforts, very honest and no money can pay for that!

Bata L.

Many thanks to you and your staff for all your assistance!

Avis R.

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